I tolerated an increasingly uncomfortable activity induced pain in my hip and lower rib cage area for approximately 10 years which after many tests, Dr’s ruled out any medical explanation for. The condition began limiting my interest in golf, hiking, biking and running. I went to one session with Maria who performed an evaluation, identified the potential condition, provided some stretching, realignment and taping and I’ve been pain free for over a year. Very professional and recommend highly.

Steve T

Maria motivates you to reach your goals. She’s spectacular with helping you learn exercises to strengthen your muscles. I highly recommend her for Pilates, MELT Method and physical therapy sessions.

If you spend a lot of time on your computer, hire her to teach you melt method exercises for your hands and feet. Then you’ll have a small, portable melt kit for business and leisure trips to make your trip more enjoyable as melt method loosens up your muscles and might even help you sleep better.

Maria has an online scheduler, too, so your appointment dates and times are easy to reschedule when that kid or friend needs help as long as you cancel 24 hours in advance. She makes it convenient for you to keep your appointments and to meet your fitness goals.

Sherrie H

When I was accepted as Maria’s physical therapy patient I had recently broken my elbow and had “frozen” shoulder. She gained my confidence through her expressed belief that PT did not need to be excessively painful, and through her ability to gently push me to work harder. It took two surgeries and over a year of PT, but the results were excellent! A year after my second elbow surgery I have greater range of motion than the doctor thought I would have and I use my arm normally and close to 100% pain-free. Maria used her Pilates and MELT teaching methods combined with basic PT techniques to make my therapy effective and as enjoyable as possible.

Carol M

“I have been to Inner Core Wellness for both physical therapy and Pilates. The owner’s name is Maria Sison-Wright and she is fantastic physical therapist (and Pilates instructor). When you go here you are one-on-one with Maria for the whole hour session, not like other places where the therapist may be working with other clients at the same time. I have been to other PT places and also to chiropractors but Maria is head and shoulders above the rest. She has worked on my knee issues and lower back issues numerous times over the years and with great results. I think the reason I am not a candidate for knee surgery is because of her. Plus she takes my insurance and files all he paperwork so I just pay the co-pay. Also, the place is nice inside and very clean and the staff is friendly and parking is a breeze.

As far as Pilates goes, it’s a small studio but very effective. Maria and another woman named Rebecca are the primary instructors. Both are excellent and approach each session with a perfect combination of work and humor. I am always motivated to push myself a little more during my workout. I have been going regularly, once a week for about 5 months, and my core is getting stronger and stronger. I am also impressed with the improvement in my posture too.

I can’t say enough good things about this place. It’s great!”

Nikki K

“I’ve been working with Maria Sison-Wright for almost a year now, and she has made a huge, positive impact on my life.

Maria has recently opened Inner Core Wellness, just a few blocks down Gallows Road from Tyson’s Corner.

There are so many good things I have to say about Maria that I don’t know where to begin, so let me begin here: she teaches only “Authentic Pilates.” Unless you know something about Pilates, that means nothing to you, so I’ll try to explain.

Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) invented the Pilates method, originally for people lying in hospital beds, so they could get some exercise, too. Even today, original Pilates equipment is designed and used as if the student were in a modified hospital bed, rigged up with levers, and pullies, and bands, and springs, and other accoutrements that can help immobile patients get vital exercise to improve the basic quality of their lives. Over 500 exercises – some of them enormously strenuous – can be done in one of these modified hospital beds, affectionately known as a “Cadillac,” (note the mention of Detroit below) to help these patients take their lives back, all without even putting their feet on the floor.

Pilates was born in Germany, and moved to the United States in 1925. After the death of Pilates’ wife, Clara, in 1970, Romana Kryzanowska was tasked with carrying on the legacy of the “Original Pilates Studio.” Kryzanowska, who was born in Detroit in 1923 (the same year as my parents!), was a ballet student who studied in the George Balanchine school, and ultimately became heir to Pilates’ legacy.

A dwindling number of instructors in the United States have had a chance to apprentice under Kryzanowska (although she is alive and well), but Maria is one of the lucky few to be carrying on the unvarnished method. When you study Pilates under Maria, you’re studying the exact same Pilates that Joseph Pilates pioneered. No other “type” of Pilates class being taught (there are various types) can claim this authenticity.

Maria is not only a master of Authentic Pilates, she’s also an expert at working with people of all abilities – from advanced athletes and dancers, to people with terrible injuries who need multiple years of recovery – Authentic Pilates focuses on lengthening the spine, and strengthening the “core,” and everything flows from there. It’s a discipline of millimeters, and anyone who thinks it’s “easy” has simply never tried it before. It is very difficult at first, but also lends itself to extreme beauty when executed correctly. I’ve worked with it now for almost a year, and feel that I have an enormous amount to learn before I can claim to be even an intermediate student, much less a master – a distant target that I will continue to strive for because I plan to stay with Authentic Pilates for the rest of my life, and for as long as possible, under Master Maria.

There are two types of aging athletes: those who did this type of work when they were younger, and those who wish they did. If you have back pain, or are recovering from injury, or are just wishing to lengthen and strengthen, then tutelage under Maria Sison-Wright will quite likely benefit you. If you need PT, she takes CareFirst (thank goodness), and she is one of the kindest, most caring people I’ve come across in the world of physical therapy. She cares about me personally – she feels it when I’m not feeling well – and adjusts my sessions accordingly. I thank God I met Maria, and I think you will, too – I simply cannot imagine a more conscientious Pilates-based instructor.

info@innercorewellness.com will get you the 411, and if you have a 911, write her directly at maria@innercorewellness.com. After 10 visits you’ll begin to notice a difference, after 20 visits you’ll begin to see a difference, after 30 visits, your life will change. It’s true. I put my name on this …”

Don R